San Gabriel Valley District
A member of California Federation of Women's Clubs
A member of General Federation of Women's Clubs
                                                  Committee Chairpersons    

Advocates for Children - Esthela Torres de Siegrist,  El Monte WC

    Art Contest - Terry Perkins, Walnut Valley WC
    Crafts Contest - Marianne Jennings & Jeanne Long, La Cresenta WC
    Creative Writing -Jayne Thomas, Sierra Madre WC
    Music Competition - Terry Perkins, Walnut Valley WC
    Photography Contest-  Sue Hogenauer, Walnut Valley WC

Communications & Public Relations - Luanne Arredondo, WC of West COvina
    Facebook Administrator- Rita Aleman, Monteraey Park WC
    Webmaster -Terry Perkins, Walnut Valley WC

Conservation - Gina Morales, El Monte WC

Domestic Violence - Mavis Hansen, So.Pasenda WC

Education - Guadalupe Diaz, Pio Pico WC

Acdemic Scholarships-  Susan Brosche, Federated East Valley WC

Fundraising - Nena Cervantes Garduno, El Monte WC

Fashion Show - Nena Garduno ,El Monte WC

International Outreach - Tina Ly, El Monte WC

Leadership & LEADS  - Toby Kahan, Federated East Valley WC

Legislation & Public Policy- Gracie Rodriguez,

Membership - Terry Perkins, Walnut Valley WC

Public Issues - Linda Vallejo, Pio Pico WC

Women's History - Diane Sexton, Federated East Valley WC